Automate any GUI tests, interactive tutorials, data management and many others


LordUI - Lord of User Interface is modern approach of automating the process. Thanks to LordUI you can easily create great tests, tutorials or automate long, complicated processes. The automation is done in an intelligent way. You gain full control over performed operations. LordUI is able to respectively react to any state of the application or screen device. It can make any adequate reaction or communicate with the human. LordUI can be used as independent program and as the library as well. The engine is created in Java technology, so it works on any popular operating system. Unlike popular screen macros, LordUI is armed with such tools as OCR mechanism, pattern recognision, image processing and many other tools. Therefore LordUI is more the programing language than the macros mentioned above but thanks to it's simplicity you can work with it without computer science knowledge.

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Download basic version and try it! More generic, commercial and private licenses are available in our online shop. I also offer the possibility of cooperation in adapting LordUI to any project. The basic demos are presented on the right side of the page - See our films, run our demos. Enjoy it!

LordUI presents a great range of tools such as: pattern recognision, OCR, sound playing, e-mailing, system clipboard support, Java application integration and many others. All these tools can be controlled from the user friendly interface of the program window. The basic integration with the third party programs (as a library) is very easy and can be further expanded i.e. with the plugin mechanism.

I invite you to meet and test the LordUI. Please, contact me in case of any problems, doubts, wishes.

Kind regards
LordUI author
Krzysztof Mroczek