Lordui downloads

On this site you can download Lordui program and other Lordui resources.

Download LordUI 4.0.2

Lordui base version contains some limitations. Please visit our online shop and buy the registration code to have all functionalities unlocked. Click here to see what you will gain after buying license.


Click here to download the manual.

Lordui versions

Description Lordui version Release date
Microsoft Windows Install 4.0.2 24. February 2017
Lordui Portable version 4.0.2 24. February 2017
Microsoft Windows Install 3.0.9 1. February 2015
Lordui Portable version 3.0.9 1. February 2015
Microsoft Windows Install 3.0.8 23. November 2014
Lordui Portable version 3.0.8 23. November 2014
Lordui Portable version 3.0.7 21. April 2014

Click here to download Polish version

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