Lordui usage examples

Please familiarize yourself with some Lordui usage possibilities:

  1. Continuous Integration - there are many tools to automate the building of your software. However, there are still some non-standard operations that can interrupt your process. Have a look at Lordui as an example: Lordui documentation is built by tools available only under Linux Operating System. Lordui is developed under Windows. To build Lordui documentation, source files are copied to the guest Virtual Machine. They are compiled there and copied back to the host. This is done by Lordui automatically. Lordui starts the guest machine, waits for the Operating System to start, opens the terminal and performs all the actions. Finally, it copies the compiled documentation back to the host and closes guest's Operating System. The only thing to be done manually here is to start Lordui procedure execution. This way you have the documentation compiled much faster and you avoid unnecessary compilation errors,
  2. Software testing - with Lordui you will automate your testing:
    • create full scripts to execute regression tests every night and have always full view of your software functionality,
    • run Lordui scripted Performance tests, to check how efficient your application is,
    • do your tests require prepared environment? Prepare it with Lordui! Let Lordui perform all the basic setups that have to be done before any simple testing.
  3. Perform any complicated case of data migration. Lordui can perform just as a human would. It will copy the data step by step. Imagine, you have no access to the database. Or imagine you have only the user interface available where you can copy or paste only a single piece of data. Don't worry! Lordui will do it for you. Check how Lordui can copy stock data one-by-one to the spreadsheet,
  4. Create animated tutorials. Let lordui click on your screen, play sounds, present functionality, point out buttons and explain their purpose. Let Lordui ask the user to click only the buttons you want. Control user's actions and guide him through your application,
  5. Do you have single source of data and multiple target forms to fill in? Do you have to repeat the filling-in operation many times? Automate it with Lordui. With Lordui you will create the script that will need only a single data input. Let the script fill in all the forms for you,
  6. Do you need a keyboard shortcut? Do you get crazy hitting keyboard shortcuts that need to be turned off before resuming work back again (like keyboard language change - do you know that by hitting ctrl + shift you change the keyboard arrangement? In some cases it is almost impossible to work with the new settings until you hit the keys again to restore the original keyboard arrangement back again!)? Or maybe you want Lordui to type the whole phrase "by the way" every time you hit "btw" letters? Create Lordui script and enjoy!
  7. Do you want to have a full scope on what's going on on your computer? Do you want to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' every time the window entitled 'warcraft' appears on your screen? Or would you like to click the 'exit' button immediately? No matter - Lordui will do it!
  8. Can't you beat your son in memory? Do you want to see your name on the top of Bejeweled the high score list? Write a script, execute and show the world who is number one!
  9. Do you have your favorite Gimp effect? How does it go? - select object A, pen P, create another layer, fill, crop, scale, move, copy and delete. And repeat it five times. Missed the third step in the second run? Then don't do it manually - automate it with Lordui and have fun watching it drawing for you,
  10. Have you found a great combination of mouse clicks? Or maybe a bug in an application and you can't find a reproduction scenario? Don't risk losing your only chance to find it. Create a Lordui script that will store all the user's actions. It's better (gives more information) and lighter than a video! And much more safe than your memory (or at least mine).
  11. Your application showed hundreds of "Do-you-want-to-continue-like" messages? Was the every single window in a different position? Was there a single message that required the opposite answer? Did you try many times and always clicked 'yes' to all the messages? Don't try again. Create a Lordui script and be pleased with the execution