Remote Java module


Remote Java module is a great tool to support any Java Application. You will find it usefull like in testing (end-to-end) application across all the layers - just like end-user would do that or recording video's with Demo's and Tutorials. Lordui will save your time - you create the scripts only once. You don't to do anything, no user interraction is needed - it all will all run automatic.

Installation and execution

Download Remote Java Client library from this link. Copy it to the folder with application, you want to connect. Check, what is the main class executed on startup of your tested application. Now execute your application using JavaRemoteClient:

java -cp "JavaRemoteClient.jar;" modules.ktm.autoclicker.remoteJava.client.JavaRemoteClient main_class application_argument1 application_argument2 application_argument3 ...

Lordui icon should appear on system tray. Now you are able to run Lordui application. Enter Help -> modules. Install Remote Java Module. Lordui restart may be needed to finish Module installation. After these steps you should see new icon on the right side of the toolbar: Remote Java Console. Under the console -> Clients tab, you should see at least one connected client - this is your application, that you have executed before.


Follow these small steps to see the example running on your PC:

  • Download: a small demo application from this link. Place Remote Java Client in same folder. Download Lordui project from this link.
  • Install Lordui module named "Remote Java". Restart Lordui.
  • Load remoteJavaDemo.lui project.
  • RemoteJavaTest.jar file has main class: tests.modules.remoteJava.RemoteJavaTestingClient (you can check it eg in Manifest file of that jar). It takes optionaly single argument: frames title. Let's run the application with title "Lordui test". The command to execute the application with Remote Java Client would be:
    java -cp "RemoteJavaClient.jar;RemoteJavaTest.jar" modules.ktm.autoclicker.remoteJava.client.JavaRemoteClient main_class tests.modules.remoteJava.RemoteJavaTestingClient "Lordui test"

Now you may run Lordui procedures from remoteJavaDemo.lui and see how they work!